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It’s snowing in Cullman. This aerial video shows our beautiful Cullman in a blanket of beautiful snow.


Have a look: View the video.


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Cullman Highschool Named Among Nation’s Best

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cullmanhighschoolFor the second year in a row, Cullman Highschool has been named to Newsweek / The Daily Beast’s annual list of America’s Best Highschools. Cullman ranked #611 out of a total of 700 schools nationwide named for the prestigious list.

Six indicators are used to compare public highschools in the US, with graduation and college acceptance rates weighed most heavily. Other criteria included: college-level courses and exams, percentage of students with free or reduced lunch, as well as SAT and ACT scores – another mark of how well a school prepares students for college.

Cullman Highschool Improvements:

Graduation rate – from 93% to 94%

ACT Composite score – from 22.3% to 23%

AP Class enrollment – from 7% to 11.6%

Another highlight is 80% of Cullman High graduates enroll in college within one year of graduating.

Our team would like to congratulate Cullman Highschool for another year of excellent results!


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4 Favorite Places to Spend a Summer Day in Cullman

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Summer days are made of fun, relaxation and plenty of time outdoors.

Now is a great time to play tourist in your own hometown. Here are 4 places in Cullman you should pay a visit this summer.

1. The Aquatic Center’s Outdoor Waterpark
Cool off with a dip in the 8-lane outdoor pool.
Monday – Friday    10am to 6pm
Saturday –                  10am to 5pm
Sunday –                      1pm to 6pm


Smith Lake Park

2. Smith Lake Park

Smith Lake Park is a destination for fun and relaxation with it’s eight pavilions, playgrounds, a pool, fishing pier, a huge stage for special events, and new boat launch.

3. Stony Lonesome OHV Park

For some thrills, you may want to head to Stony Lonesome OHV (off-highway vehicle) Park. It’s open year round and is a great place to spend the day. The 1456+ acre park features trails for ATVs, rock crawlers, dirt bikes, mountain bikers, equestrians, hikers, pedestrians, and much more.

4. Hurricane Creek Park

Hurricane Creek Park is a 67+ acre natural area, nestled in a 500 foot deep canyon in the foothills of the Appalacian Mountains. Activities include hiking, rock climbing, and picnics.


Cullman Farmer’s Market

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festhaleSupport your local farmer with regular visits to Festhalle Market Platz.

The 2014 market season runs until October 30 and provides you with the opportunity to select a variety of fresh produce three times per week.

Market Days and Times:

Tuesdays: 8 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Thursdays: 8 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Saturdays: 8 a.m. to 2 p.m.


corner of Arnold Street and First Avenue Northeast in the city’s historic Warehouse District.

Plus, on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. you can ‘Eat on the Street’. Come down to sample some great food from local food trucks.


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Rock The South This Weekend

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June 20 and 21 Heritage Park is host to Rock The South


Rock The SouthRock the South is a festival dedicated to good music, good food, and the good life.  Click Here for a Full List of Entertainers and to Buy Tickets. 

On April 27, 2011 the south was “rocked” by an historic tornado outbreak that took many precious lives and caused catastrophic damage to many of the things we hold near and dear. This day taught us a lot about ourselves. It helped us all realize what was most important. It also brought out the best in all of us. “Rock the South” is a festival celebrating our recovery, our commitment to one another, and our Southern way of life.

On the one-year anniversary of this historic day over 15,000 people celebrated the first annual “Rock the South” in Cullman, Alabama with country stars Dierks Bentley and Kellie Pickler. RTS 2013 saw explosive growth with over 35,000 in attendance over two days and $50,000 to local charities.

Rock the South 2014 will feature some of country musics top artists including: Lynyrd Skynyrd, Little Big Town, Billy Currington, Charlie Daniels, Colt Ford and many more!

Click Here for More Information and to Buy Tickets

The Home Buying Process

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What Every Cullman Home Buyer Needs to Know

Our skilled negotiators will help you get the best home for the best price. We personally guide qualified buyers through each step of the home buying process. You can stand behind our experience and longstanding history of proven success. Cullman is an outstanding community that requires the specialize skills of an experienced Realtor.

• Determine and prioritize your wants and needs in your new home.
• Speak to your Lender and determine your buying power.
• Allow one of our experienced Realtors to help you find a home that meets your needs within your budget.
• Once you have found your dream home, our agents will help structure a purchase offer that is in your best interest, and skillfully negotiate with the seller’s representative until a favorable contract is agreed upon.
• The time period between the contract and the closing is when our agent’s work for you. We help make sure you are aware and take advantage of all the professional inspections available in order to make sure you know the condition of your new home before you buy it.
• Our agent’s goal is for you to arrive to the closing confident in knowing you have found the best home for the best price possible.

Home Inspections

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The home inspection is one of the most critical parts of the home buying process, especially in the state of Alabama which is the only true Caveat Emptor state remaining in the US. Caveat Emptor is a Latin legal term meaning “let the buyer beware.” Basically what all this means is Alabama law does not require a Sellers’ Disclosure of a property’s known defects which places the burden of discovery of the property’s latent defects on the buyer. Therefore, the moral of this blog post is to always get a home inspection, preferably done by a professional and licensed home inspector. Locally we have several reputable licensed home inspectors and any of our agents would gladly provide you with their contact information from which you can choose the one who best fits your needs.
Home inspections can vary depending on the type of property you are purchasing. For a list the basic elements that a home inspector will check and for further information regarding home inspections, go to, the website of the American Society of Home Inspectors.

Why Is My Home Not Selling?

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Yes, price is the correct answer the majority of the time. The economics of the process is relatively simple. All things are only worth what a buyer is willing to pay and a seller is willing to accept. Even with the simplicity of the economic theory, actually arriving at that magic price is difficult. Just think of the cost, time and effort that companies put into pricing a product so it succeeds in the marketplace. It’s no different in real estate.
If you have educated yourself in your local real estate market; are diligent in hiring a professional agent who is experienced in your area; AND are willing to listen to your Realtor, taking into consideration the market data they collect, you can get a lot closer to that magic number in much less time.
Make sure your properties’ listing price is competitive within your local market. Keeping in mind, in order for any potential buyer to obtain financing, the property must appraise. Appraisers use the same database your agent uses, which is the local MLS, to pull comparables and ultimately determine the value of your property or most importantly, the amount the lender is willing to loan to purchase your property.

People can’t buy what they can’t see

If you make it difficult for people to see your property, then the probability of a sale at the price you want drops considerably. Selling can be a nuisance, but it is a necessary one. When agents aren’t able to easily access your property for showings, it can prevent your property from being sold.

Out of your hands

It’s not always the seller’s nor the Realtor’s fault that a house is not selling. Sometimes the market changes and buyer’s disappear. Maybe a new home development has opened nearby and the new homes are more appealing to potential buyers. Many things can affect whether your house sells, which means you and your agent need to consider the reasons and make the necessary adjustments to get your property sold.

Carter & Company Goes White Water Rafting On The Ocoee River

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Team building at it’s best!!! This past month our office took a fun filled trip to the Ocoee River for a little white water rafting. The four pictures below truly captured the intense fun and excitement of our adventure.

Rafting Group I

Rafting Group II

Feeling the Love

The After Shot

3 Tips to Sell Your Home This Fall

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With the start of a new school year signaling summer is coming to an end, the anticipation of fall is in the air. The fall season not only brings cooler weather and college football, but it also is a great time of year to sell your home. Follow this link for 3 Tips to Sell Your Home This Fall .

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