Haunted Happenings

It’s spooky season in Alabama!

While you can be sure that the Cullman area houses we sell are ghost-free, there are plenty of places from Birmingham to Huntsville to scare yourself silly.


The Terror Team at Weichert, Realtors® – Carter and Company has put together a list of the best local haunted houses (below), but we think you should know about these real Alabama haunted places, too.


If you’re brave enough…

Jack Cole Road Image: Jonathan Odom via YouTube

Creepy Cullman County and Beyond

Jack Cole Road, Hayden
Rural Hayden is home to the most cursed stretch of road in Alabama. Since the 1890s, residents of densely-forested, unpaved Jack Cole Road have reported strange sightings of mysterious animal-like creatures. In the 1940s, the mummified remains of an old woman were discovered at a home hidden deep in the woods along the road. Adding to the macabre history, there have been numerous disappearances, murders and unexplained deaths in residences along this remote street. Homeowners tell stories of eerie lights in the woods, and a constant sense of something disturbing. The cursed nature of Jack Cole Road is hard to ignore, even today.

Crybaby Hollow, Hartselle
Along an eerie section of Kayo Road surrounded by skeleton-like trees, you’ll find a one-lane bridge. Legend has it that a family travelling by wagon along the road had an accident on the bridge. One passenger, a baby, was thrown from the carriage, and fell to its death, drowning in the creek. Now, in the dark of night, a baby’s wailing and deep breathing sounds can be heard coming from the surrounding woods. Some people report their cars shaking if they pause on the bridge. Misty visions and eyes peering out of the murky water make this a sad and scary spot.

Sweetwater Mansion, Florence
Farther afield, in Florence, you’ll find the unnerving story of Sweetwater, an antebellum estate owned by Governor Robert Patton. Paranormal activity and disturbing rumours (locked doors, secret rooms) abound at this site. The most famous story tells of a 20th century caretaker who insists she saw a casket laid out in the main hall, with the body of a young Confederate soldier inside. One of the Patton sons was killed fighting for the South, and his funeral was held in that same room. Decades earlier.


Image: Thomas R. Machnitzki, via Wikipedia
Maple Hill Cemetery Image: Thomas R. Machnitzki, via Wikipedia

Haunted Hunstville

Sally Carter
Hunstville’s most famous ghost resides at Cedarhurst Mansion. In 1837, teenager Sally Carter came to Cedarhurst to visit her sister, and died. Rumors of her death vary, but most agree that she was struck with a sudden illness. Sally was buried in the family plot on the property. For nearly 100 years, visitors to have claimed to have seen young Sally’s ghost haunting the estate. She’s said to have communicated with another teenager when her grave was in need of tending, disturbed security guards at night, and flickered the lights. The historic home is now the central clubhouse of a private residential community, but Sally’s room has been preserved. People attending events in the building have a constant, creepy reminder that, while life goes on here, so does death.

Maple Hill
The Maple Hill Cemetery is one of the oldest and largest in Alabama. Like any burial ground, Maple Hill is peaceful and solemn.
It’s also completely haunted.

Among the gloomy headstones and leafy pathways, one daunting crypt is said to house the remains of an heiress who died young. She was entombed with her beloved rocking chair, and visitors have reported hearing the chair creaking with use through the thick stone walls.

Deep within the grounds lies Maple Hill Park, which includes a popular children’s playground. Local families tell stories of ghostly children’s laughter, unexplained glowing lights, and even sightings of long-dead children playing on the swings at night.

Old Bryce Hospital Image: Leigh Harrell, via Panoramio

Bedeviled Birmingham

Sloss Furnaces
Built just after the Civil War to provide iron and steel to the railroad industry, this historic blast furnace compound is now a National Historic Site. In operation until 1971, work here was dangerous and grim; it’s said that nearly 50 workers lost their lives. There have been more than 100 reports of supernatural encounters with burned, angry, or disfigured spirits, and Sloss Furnaces is considered one of the most haunted places in America.

Old Bryce Hospital
There are few things scarier than a haunted insane asylum. The original Bryce Hospital, in Northport, is no exception. Built in 1861, and considered a progressive facility for treating mental health, the institution’s reputation deteriorated significantly by the early 1900’s. The building is a designated historic site, but was in use until 2009. For more than 150 years, patients and visitors have claimed paranormal activity: disembodied screams, creepy noises from nowhere, and eerie hot and cold spots in the hallways have added to the haunted lore.

Tutwiler Hotel
The Hampton Inn & Suites was originally the Tutwiler Hotel, built in 1914. Hosting countless dignitaries throughout the years, it’s known to be haunted by guests who checked in, but never checked out. The resident ghost, Major Tutwiler, has laid his claim to the property, knocking on doors, turning on lights and equipment in the kitchen, and even providing a 1990’s bartender with a decadent, candlelit meal. Staff now make sure to say goodnight to the Major each evening, to ensure that no spooky shenanigans happen overnight.

North Alabama has plenty of truly eerie places, but if you’d prefer some curated scares this October, visit one of these fun haunted houses and events.

Some of these are family-friendly, and some are just for the “big kids”. Make sure to check the websites to be sure.


Dead End Haunted Trail – 191 County Road 741, Cullman
Weekends through Halloween, 9pm-midnight, by donation (non-perishable food items and toys)

Smith Lake Park Tricks & Treats In The Park
Hayrides, costume contests, trunk-or-treat, and more!
Saturday, October 28th, 6-9pm, Free

Haunted Trails of Terror – 336 County Road 590, Hanceville
Haunted House Trail, Haunted Hayride
Wednesday – Sunday, 7pm

Hunstville Ghost Walks, Hunstville
Fridays and Saturdays, 6pm and 8:30pm, $10

Sloss Fright Furnace, Birmingham (ages 14+)

Atrox Factory, Leeds (Ages 12+)

Haunted House of Horror, Courtland

Spook Trail Mazeum of Monsters & Mayhem, Quinton

Warehouse 31, Pelham

Insantarium, Pinson

Featured Image of Sloss Furnaces is Copyright of Dana Newkirk, via Roadtrippers.com