Improve Your Cullman Home with Art

In all of the excitement of setting up house, it can be easy to overlook the walls.

At Weichert, Realtors® – Carter and Company, we know that filling your space with art can be just the thing to turn your house into a home.

Whether you collect pieces from across the globe, or you find something that speaks to you from right here in Cullman, you’re sure to have a spot to showcase your creative spirit!

Why Do You Need Art in Your Home?

Art can be inspiring in so many ways!

It brings color, personality, and dimension to your space. More importantly, it’s good for the soul. Art can make you happy!

You aren’t a professional curator? There’s no need to be intimidated. Here are some easy tips to get you started:

Man's hand holding paint chips against wallPlan your Palette

Ready to decorate, but can’t decide on what color to paint the walls? Dove Gray, English Cream, Blue Heaven –there are countless options. But, you have that lovely landscape that you inherited from your Nana. It would look great on that narrow living room wall. And it has just the right sage green highlights….perfect!

Art can help you create a cohesive color scheme for your entire house. Choose a few shades from your favorite art pieces, and grab a roller!

art displayed on a shelfMake your Home a Reflection of You

Art can be anything. Paintings, drawings, photos, found art, three-dimensional hangings, a favorite phrase written in calligraphy, a square of handmade wrapping paper, or a preschooler’s handprint on a tile. If it speaks to you, why not display it? Every item you choose to decorate your space says something about your personality. There’s no better place to showcase these things than in your own home.

Whether they’re souvenirs of memorable vacations, museum-worthy investment pieces, treasures brought home from elementary school, or that perfect find from a local art show, your artworks should bring a smile to your face.

framed Photos of flowers on displayShow It Off

Artwork can be a focal point (this works best with large or dramatic pieces), or it can simply complement a room. Showcasing one big piece on a wall or filling a large space with several small works can create a sense of visual balance; just make sure that everything you want to see is visible!

Did you know that most people hang artwork too high? Designers suggest that wall art should be centered at eye level, regardless of size. In rooms where people are usually sitting, that means hanging pieces a little lower than you’d think.

Got a collection of beloved family photos? Why not frame them in similar frames and hang them as a collage along a staircase wall? (Frames don’t need to be expensive! Dollar stores and thrift stores are a great place to source these. A can of spray paint can make even totally mismatched frames part of a “set”.)

Upgrade from the refrigerator door. An interchangeable kids’ art frame can have pride of place, and showcase your little ones’ talents as they grow. Many of these are designed to store plenty of pictures, so you have a place to keep your collection, even when it’s not on display.

Shadowbox it. Wearable art or eclectic collections can be displayed in deep frames. Keep them dust-free and where everyone (including you!) can enjoy them. What a great conversation piece! Remember that 3D art can be hung, as well (show off Mama’s crazy 1970s macrame, or that piece of driftwood from your trip to the Gulf).

Expand beyond the walls. Sculptures, pottery, old-fashioned toys, or the coffee cups you collect on your journeys can be artfully placed on bookshelves and occasional tables. Casually lean an unframed painting in a bookshelf corner for an unusual display.

glass art at a craft fairArt Doesn’t Need to Be Expensive

Here in Cullman, we celebrate art and artists in a big way.

Local galleries like Rennard’s and The Art Shop Around the Corner have a wide range of original artwork to suit every taste.

You’ll find arts and crafts vendors at all of our city festivals, throughout the year. Gifted artisans from across the South come to Cullman to display their wares, and local competitions highlight our homegrown talent.

Feeling inspired? Head out to the beloved Bloomin’ Festival at the Abbey on April 6-7, or the Strawberry Festival on April 27 at Depot Park, to discover your favorite new artist!

Additionally, big box stores can be a great place to find affordable pieces. Yep, it’s true! Check the home decor aisles. If something catches your eye, then yes, it’s worth it! Can’t afford the real thing? Reproductions & posters can be just as stimulating.

Even better, if you’ve got a little creativity, make it yourself! You’ll be proud to show off something that really and truly has a little bit of you in it.

Cullman has lots of opportunities to get your art on. Try a Sips n’ Strokes class with friends, or sign up for painting lessons through Cullman Rec (at Art Park) or Beyond the Canvas (in Hartselle). Alternately, take an online photography course, and then have your favorite shots printed up for all to see!

Your home is the ideal canvas for your creative eye! We encourage you to celebrate all of the things that make every day a little more beautiful.

Have a great art collection that you’d like to showcase? Let the team at Weichert, Realtors® – Carter and Company help you find the perfect “gallery space”. Contact our office to view our art-friendly listings, today!