How to Fill Your Home with Love

They say home is where the heart is.

It makes sense, then, that you should be surrounded by affection, comfort & happiness when you’re there.

Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to fill your home with love!

Here at Weichert, Realtors® – Carter & Company, we’ve come up with a list of our favorite ways to do just that. Have a look:

Heart Smile Sign

Love Lives Here

You don’t need candy hearts and balloons to remember how much you love someone. Small touches around your house can have just as strong an effect (and they’re appropriate any time of year!).

Display Memories

Remember all of those wonderful holidays, vacations, get-togethers, or candid moments that make you smile? Why not give yourself a daily reminder of those pleasant moments? Hang up art or frame photos that remind you of the people, places, and events that filled your heart. Even better, stick your favorites on your fridge with magnets –you’ll get to look at them every day!

Words of love

Totally on-trend, we’ve seen lots of homes with beautiful, inspiring phrases hung on the wall. What a wonderful way to remind yourself of your favorite sentiments! Have a steady hand? Paint your chosen phrase directly onto the wall. Alternately, there are plenty of pre-made or custom signs, pillows, or even wallpaper that can help you to express your feelings of love, too.

Leave a Love Note

You don’t need to invest in decor to spread the word! A popular feature of kitchens and playrooms is the chalkboard wall –it’s a great spot to keep tabs on your grocery list, after-school schedules, or plans for astronaut adventures. But it’s an even better place to make sure your family knows how much you love them! Find a clean spot to write a few lines, and see what happens when they notice…

Bring home flowers

A sweetly-scented, pretty bunch of flowers is a perfect little gift! And don’t wait for someone to buy them for you (though, to be sure, that’s always nice, too…). Create a bouquet from your garden or toss a last-minute addition into your grocery cart so that you can make your own day brighter!

Play Music

What better way to express your mood than to put on some music? Modern technology makes this easier than ever, with smart, voice-controlled speakers and music streaming options. But even ‘old-school’ sound systems can help you fill the room with sweet sounds. And what’s more romantic than a spontaneous slow dance with your favorite partner? Serenade the ones you love!

husband wife doorway love nest

Love Nest

Togetherness is the name of the game. Spending time with others has a proven, positive effect on the psyche and general happiness. No matter how large or small your space is, there’s always room to open the door for someone to join you.

Party of Two

Create a cozy spot for just the two of you. A loveseat (oh! That’s where that name comes from!) near the fireplace, a porch swing decked out with cushions, or a comfy double recliner perfect for binge-watching your favorite shows. Make a space that allows you to shut out the world for awhile –together.

Party of More

Do things with your family. Show them that you love them by making time for each other. You don’t need a special occasion or project to motivate you! Make family date nights a regular thing. Cook and eat a meal together; play a board game; watch a movie; go for a moonlit swim; make time to pray.

Party of Puppies (or kittens, or fish, or birds, or lizards…you get it.)

Add to your family with a furry or feathered friend. Nobody can show you unconditional love the way a pet can. Imagine coming home to a little someone who is over the moon to see you. What a welcome! Create an atmosphere of love by making everyone’s hearts grow.

Party of…Plenty

Lay out the welcome mat at your home. Invite all of the people you love to share time with you in your home (see making memories, above!). Breaking bread, watching a football game, splashing in the pool, or even just sipping a cool drink on the porch; all of these are better when you do them with family and friends. Fill your house to fill your heart. (It’s even better if you invite people who will help with the dishes.)

There are countless ways to ensure that your home is bursting with love, on February 14th, and every other day of the year!


Whether you have a kitchen that inspires you to bake, a backyard that beckons you to play together, a mantle full of family photos, or a dining room just perfect for candlelit dinners, you’re sure to find a space in your home that brings you closer to those around you.

The team at Weichert, Realtors® – Carter & Company can help you fall in love with your next property. Contact us to get started (we’d love to help!).