Why Buy a Small Home in Cullman County?

Think Small:

Cullman has a wide variety of housing options, ranging from cozy townhomes to smartly-designed family homes to sprawling farmhouses. As you look to buy your new house, consider your lifestyle, budget, and future plans. Although the spacious country estate may catch your eye, you might find the smaller Cullman city cottage holds more appeal.


Who’s buying these smaller homes?

Traditionally, empty-nesters who are ready to downsize, or young couples and families taking their first step onto the real estate ladder are choosing to invest in smaller properties. While these groups still make up the majority of small-home buyers, we’re finding that increasing numbers of singles and even families with school-aged kids and teenagers are choosing to condense their living spaces, nowadays.

More and more home buyers are turning to smaller houses, these days. Our Weichert, Realtors® – Carter & Company agents have noticed a few reasons why our clients are finding happiness on a smaller scale:



This is clearly the number one motivator in buying a smaller home. Less square footage costs less money. There are also taxes, insurance, utility bills…it all adds up, and it adds up quickly in a large home. It costs a lot to heat and cool a big house! That extra money you save on your smaller space can be spent on beautiful furniture, upgraded finishings, renovations, landscaping, or even luxury items. It’s awfully hot in North Alabama – wouldn’t it be nice to cool off in your backyard pool? Longing for that exotic vacation? Now you can afford it!

Maintenance is Easier

Again, logic rules, here. Less space = less to clean. Fewer rooms = fewer bits and pieces that can fail. Anyone who’s had to deal with fixing an air conditioner in the middle of an Alabama August can tell you that cooling down a few rooms with open windows and a shady screened porch is preferable to high energy bills and frustration! Spend less time making your home livable, and more time simply enjoying life, there.

Stronger Families and Neighbourhoods

Spending time in a common space builds our ability to communicate, interact, and share. In smaller houses, life happens in the living room: family game nights have made a comeback, homework gets done at the kitchen table, inspiring conversations take place. Conversely, smaller spaces motivate people to get outside, more! Think of the warm and welcoming feeling of sitting on the front porch while the neighbourhood kids ride bikes in the cul-de-sac. It may seem counterintuitive, but small homes really are more sociable: find new friends at your block party, explore the natural beauty that surrounds us, or make the city of Cullman your own personal playground!

Less Clutter

You remember that time you bought an elliptical machine, and now it’s a really great clothing rack? Or how about all those really trendy outfits that take up about 18 inches in the back of your closet, but you haven’t worn since 2003 (they might come back in style…just wait!). Think of the load off of your shoulders if you had a legitimate reason to get rid of those things! Less square footage means you have fewer spots to stash (and forget about) your stuff, and more reason to use the stuff you really love!

Small, but Perfectly Formed

Even with less square footage, the space inside a small home can be maximized for multiple uses. Nowadays, creative customized storage and flexible furnishings mean that a room can serve many purposes, and that everything has a spot. Need room for the grandchildren who visit occasionally, but also for your sewing habit and the record collection you’re not quite ready to give up? There are incredibly clever customized options (in all price ranges) that can make the most of your wall space, and give you all of the “rooms” you need, rolled into one. Innovative, versatile design is very satisfying, indeed!

Resale Value

A small home can be a forever home, but if you’re ready to move on, you’ll find that a small home is easier to sell. Generally, it’s within financial reach of a wider group of buyers, but affordability isn’t the only motivator. For all of the reasons we’ve mentioned, a wide variety of people are in the market for a manageable property. You’ve loved your charming home, and there’s no question that lots of other people will, too!


So, why consider a small home?

You can still live big: pocket-sized spaces are easy to fill with endless memories! Smart design, upgradeable technology, and a movement toward active, in-person social interaction mean smaller homes can be perfectly comfortable for any number of inhabitants. Cullman’s vibrant downtown core offers welcoming public spaces, beckoning people out of their homes and into the parks, restaurants, and cultural meeting places. Less time spent isolated inside our homes means less need for extra, unused space. There are so many reasons to scale back your square footage!


Are you ready to live little? Let the professionals at Weichert, Realtors® – Carter and Company help you find your perfectly petite new property. Contact us to get started!